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Please visit the project page to report bugs, ask questions, or suggest new features.


For any questions not mentioned here, please visit http://wargus.sf.net.

Q: Does Wargus work with the Warcraft 2 BNE version?
A: No. The file format of this version is currently not supported.

Q: What Warcraft 2 CD's do work with Wargus?
A: If you have any trouble with extracting, please contact us. Also if you have a CD not listed here, please send us the test results.

  • US Expansion (both MAC/DOS)
  • US Original (both MAC/DOS)
  • UK/Australian Original
  • UK/Australian Expansion
  • German Original
  • German Expansion
  • Spanish Original

Q: Can I use Wargus to join in a Warcraft 2 network game?
A: Sorry, Stratagus use its own network protocol. The protocol needs the exact same code executed on all machines, and it is not possible to have this with the original WC2, therefore you can only connect to a Stratagus server.

Q: What about other RTS games?
A: Starcraft and Warcraft 1 support is in development. Tiberian Sun may be added in the distant future. For the old C&C games, you can use freecnc.

Q: My question isn't answered here.
A: Submit a question.

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